Outdoor and Garden Dining Pods

Crystal Dome is popular all over the world and has been applied to various applications. The exquisite and translucent appearance of our fully transparent design is very eye-catching, and the transparent wall made of PC material will not have a bad effect on the human body.

The modular design of Crystal Dome greatly reduces the assembly time. There’s no need for foundation work and it does not generate construction waste. It is convenient, simple, and fast to install the Crystal Dome. The color of the aluminum frame can also be dark gray, light gray, wood grain, etc., which still looks fabulous.

The liftable skylight design and the exhaust fan on the top of the Outdoor and Garden Dining Pods ensure air circulation in the room, and you will find it comfortable even after spending a whole day indoors. The sliding design of the large door is not only beautiful but also easy to enter and exit, making the dome suitable as an outdoor restaurant.

Nowadays, more and more themed restaurants are coming up, but there are so many customers in the same area, it’s noisy and crowded. It’s hard to enjoy a good meal. The Outdoor Dining Pods is a world of its own, with a thickness of 5mm German Bayer PC board has a strong perspective, beautiful appearance, and it can protect customers’ privacy, provide effective sound insulation, and create tranquility when sitting in the busy city center.

The transparent material of the Garden Dining Pods will not produce a sense of crowding visually. Under such a transparent spherical shape, it gives you a very special experience. You can also install curtains to enjoy the indoor comfort outdoors and have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. Surrounded by friends and family, having enticing food in front of you, and busy traffic outside the window, the transparent design will offer people a wonderful dining experience, sitting in the space but will not be restricted by the space.

The surprise of the Outdoor and Garden Dining Pods is that when the sky is lightly raining, water mist is formed on the transparent sphere, and the ticking symphony is heard in the ear, there is a wonderful experience of dining in the center of the world. When the winter snowfalls, the snowflakes fall softly and fragilely on the spherical surface, and the comfortable heating is turned on inside, and the snow scenery outside is panoramic. In this environment, time seems to be stretched infinitely, bringing a kind of feeling of being in a movie.

The unique experience of Crystal Dome is much more than that. In addition to restaurants, the dome can be also used as cafes, bars, etc. If you are also interested in learning more, please contact us now!

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Hot Balloon Glamping Tent

Hot balloon glamping tent is a new patent product independently developed by Moxuanju. It has generation one and generation two products for your choice. Creating a double-deck LOFT house style, the ground floor is kitchen, the first floor is bedroom. The two-story extent the space utilization rate. Meet the needs of integration of life and leisure, and improve the quality of outdoor living.

Starry Glamping Igloo Dome Tent

Nowadays, Starry Geodesic Dome Tent has become the“internet celebrity hotel” exist in all the camps of major scenic spots.

4m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

The shell shape glamping tent combines the elegant form of architecture and bionics, which is the best choice among various outdoor campsites. With an open platform to meet the needs of viewing from different angles, the sharp shell angle can provide shed from the rain and sunshine. The spacious platform attracts children and able to turned into a playground. There are mini, standard and luxury three types for choose.