Panorama Tent for Exhibition

Panorama Tent is an outdoor tent with a unique design. The circular design and its all-wood structure design will make people feel more intimate and warm.

The Panorama Tent has two types, dome, and oval, each with different specifications and sizes, which can be adapted to a variety of various applications. In addition to the common outdoor camps, Panorama Tent is also popularly used for commercial exhibitions.

The wooden structure and the sand-yellow fabric inspired the retro feeling of the Panorama Tent in a modern commercial exhibition, which inevitably made people curious and couldn’t help but want to go inside to find it out. The inside space is large, you can put what you like to create a stunning visual effect. With the classic feeling of its wooden structure, it distances itself from the outside world and gives a good memory for you.

From the appearance, the internal space of the Panorama tent is larger than expected, and the span of 5m and 6m has a variety of different lengths and sizes. You can plan and choose according to your needs. The closed design avoids being disturbed by the noise of the outside world and ensures that visitors are more immersed in the overall atmosphere. The interior can be divided into the rest area, exhibition area, and other purposes. The use of panorama tents in commercial exhibitions can not only bring better supporting services, but also bring a better exhibition experience.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Crossover Dome Tent

The Crossover Dome Tent is supported by four corners, with a cross-arch shape. The smooth dome design makes it look like a tiptoe dancer.

Hot Balloon Glamping Tent

Hot balloon glamping tent is a new patent product independently developed by Moxuanju. It has generation one and generation two products for your choice. Creating a double-deck LOFT house style, the ground floor is kitchen, the first floor is bedroom. The two-story extent the space utilization rate. Meet the needs of integration of life and leisure, and improve the quality of outdoor living.

Transparent Dome House

Transparent Dome House is made of polycarbonate material and aeronautical aluminum, It has a bedroom and bathroom.