Pattaya Glamping Canvas Tent

Imagine that in Pattaya, a seaside town full of tropical charm, you can have a private space that is close to nature without sacrificing modern comfort. Moxuanju Pattaya Tent turns your imagination into reality.

Design and inspiration

Our tent design draws on the natural beauty of Pattaya, subtly blending the warmth of the tropics with the tranquil sea breeze, taking you into a dream world full of sun, sand, and waves.

Innovative double-layer top design

The innovative double-layer canvas roof design ensures excellent ventilation performance, providing you with a fresh and pleasant living environment even in the hot summer.

The embodiment of natural aesthetics

The support structure of the tent is made of high-strength Q235 steel pipes and external natural bamboo pole decoration. It is not only stable and reliable, but also gives the tent an original and rustic natural beauty, making you feel like you are in the embrace of nature.

Comfortable experience for all seasons

The interior is optionally equipped with thermal insulation cotton, which ensures you a warm and comfortable stay no matter whether it is hot or cold.

Durable and protective

The tarpaulin is made of high-quality double-sided PVC coated fiber cloth, combined with high-strength Q235 steel pipe brackets, which is not only windproof and rainproof but also ensures the durability and stability of the tent.

Convenient modular design

The tent adopts a modular design, and the erection and disassembly process is simple and fast. Whether it is a short-term outdoor activity or a long-term commercial operation, it can be easily handled to meet your different needs.

Add unique charm

The Moxuanju Pattaya tent can show its unique tropical style in any venue, adding a unique style to your camp.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Modular Glamping Box

Fashion capsule is an upgraded version of the glamping box, it continues the modular structure design of rapidly installation and disassemble.

Luxury Glamping Dome

Living in the geodesic dome camping, we live a minimalist lifestyle and get closer to nature. It makes the visitors experience comfort.

Hawaii Glamping Tent

The roof top of the Hawaii glamping tent has a double layer design. The cotton decorative insulation layer provides good resistance to outdoor high and low temperatures. The arc shape roof can effectively resist the rain. The screen window at the entrance adopts the self-priming curtain design, with screen windows on both sides. You can be in the nature on the viewing platform.