Permanent Glamping Tents

The accommodation industry is facing a consumption upgrade, changing from a punch-card scenic tour to a leisure tour.  And tourists are increasingly dissatisfied with purely functional accommodation. Compared to hotels, permanent glamping tents are a way to provide a better-personalized experience with cost-effective.

Vacation is always inseparable from the unique and niche. Permanent glamping tents are the best partner of the resort. Many people have chosen to use glamping tents as their main accommodation space in recent years. If you want to build a good one, you should first pay attention to the temperature of your home and the essence of living. To create a sense of home atmosphere, comfortable and warm atmosphere for tourists. Therefore, we must carefully select furniture, decoration, bedding, and carefully consider the needs of tourists. So that the tourists who live here can be completely relaxed

Young people are more pursuing experiential consumption. So permanent glamping tents put the sense of experience first and experience accommodation close to nature. You can set many themed room types according to actual needs, and you can also experience many additional experiences except accommodation during the stay.  Such as indoor yoga, private theater, company meetings, friends gatherings, etc. These are important roles that tent resorts can play. You can also choose tents with different specifications and shapes according to the usage, such as Shell Shape Glamping Tent, Geodesic Dome Glamping, High Peak Glamping Tent and so on. Create such different experience spaces.

Each permanent glamping tent is an independent individual with independent spaces and themes. Through different thematic experiences, tourism and features are combined to drive the development of the cultural tourism industry.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Luxury Safari Tents

Luxury, comfort, tranquility,
no matter on beach or desert,
tent can blend into the nature.
Sitting on the terrace looking out into the distance,
have a nice cup of tea and chat with your family.

Luxury Glamping Dome

Living in the geodesic dome camping, we live a minimalist lifestyle and get closer to nature. It makes the visitors experience comfort.

Hot Balloon Glamping Tent

The double-deck structure is inspired by Turkish hot air balloon.