Pop Up Tent Shop Design

Our glamping tent products are not only for high-quality outdoor holidays. You can also use it for shopping purposes. Each of our tents has a unique design. We can design different styles according to different themes.

I wonder if you have ever played Lego, have you ever played any shape, it can be inserted in endless varieties of shapes.

The inspiration of our Pop Up Tent Shop originates from this concept, it is singular but can create different uses.
You can combine and change them for brand showrooms, coffee shops, convenience stores, and pop-up shops.

Size: infinitely extend based on 2.5M
Frame Material: hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6
Membrane Material: double-coated PVC polyester fabric
Wall Material: glass & PC board, transparent with superb lighting, and brown, blue, deep gray design board for your choice.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Large Teepee Glamping Tent

The teepee glamping tent has a wide range of applications, and the advantages of floor height are very significant.

Yurt Glamping Tent

The famous Mongolian yurt is a traditional of the nomadic people in Asia. Today we try to combine this traditional architectural style with modern structural. Although the yurt looks small, it has a large usable space. Indoor air circulation, excellent lighting conditions. Construction and relocation is very convenient, suitable for livestock production or nomadic life. Of course, you can enjoy your trips on the prairie anytime, anywhere.

Stars Dome Glamping Tent

Meet stars and milky way in the night,
while lying in bed.
Not fancy hotels that take my breath,
but the 50,000 stars that shine on me.
As beautiful as a dream,
I wish I could stay here all night.