Stars Dome Glamping

The Geo-dome Glamping

It is romantic and luxurious for us to enjoy the stars and moon, especially in large cities with advanced transportation technology and the fast pace of life. But maybe you don’t know which you can lay in bed comfortably to enjoy the sky with full stars.

Cooperation project: MORE TENT Set up Star Dome Glamping for clients from Beijing Scenic Camping Area!

In the endless scenic camping area, you can see semi-transparent Star Dome Glamping hotel one by one. We use environmentally friendly prefabricated building materials that won’t pollute the environment no matter the installation or disassembly.

The Star Dome Glamping has an open transparent skylight on top that allows you to just lie in bed to see the stars and night sky. We use translucent design with interior curtains to control light. In addition, there is a wooden floor, chandelier, white bed, cabinet, leisure sofa, independent bathroom, and other supporting facilities. When the weather is fine, you can look at the sky and cloud in the tent while listening to the rain and enjoy the scenery during rainy days, it is an entirely different feeling.

Stay away from the noisy city, forget about life troubles, and enjoy the natural scenery. This is the combination of glamping dome and scenic areas to give you poetry and distance.

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