Tipi Event Tent for Desert Racing

Recently, we added outdoor camping elements to desert racing. And build the whole desert racing event live site with camp tents and event tents.

The two tents Tipi-72 and Tipi-100, which made a combination of a large events space, the middle of the tents are connected by a curtain and a wooden pole to become a channel. Both sides can use it for commodity sales and rest areas. Different spaces have different functions, but they can be perfectly integrated.

The Tipi tent used with the sidewalls could block wind and dust efficiently and protect the indoor environment. It’s a better choice when the area is used as a restaurant. The interior can accommodate many people to eat together, isolate the dust in the desert, and match with a dedicated large floor to enhance the indoor style. With a large space, the tent can be freely arranged and decorated. The original ecological conical fir poles and the sand-yellow roof cover are naturally adapted to the natural environment, giving people a profound sense of original ecology.

There are rest areas indispensable outdoors. The sides of our Tipi tent could be freely closed which not only can block the sun, but also block it according to the wind direction to ensure indoor comfortable. In addition, each independent TIPI tent can be used for different functions, enriching the configuration of the entire camp.

Our bamboo tipi tent is a recent hit, the tapered design is a favorite at camps. Especially under the night, the white canvas reflects the colors, exuding bright colors. Its beauty is not limited to late at night, it can show more aesthetic details in daylight, natural fir poles are combined into a pyramid shape, and the combination of triangle and circle creates a sense of aesthetic balance
It is unique as a shaded leisure area in the camp.

For this desert racing event, we provided a series of supporting facilities for outdoor large-scale events. This is not only the sponsor’s recognition of our products, but also the trust in the strength of our entire company.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Mini Tipi Tent for Camping

The Indian style Mini Tipi Tent consists of six solid wood as the main support. The shape adopts a pyramid structures design.

Bamboo Tipi Tent

Primitive conic fir pole, Fine texture, Tough and light-weight, Natural cone, More in line with pyramid structure, High density waterproof and breathable canvas, Waterproof and sunscreen, Flame retardancy, Long service life, Weather aging resistance

Huge Tipi Tent for Event

Huge tipi tent is suitable for various of outdoor events, such as big outdoor parties, wedding receptions for rental or sale.