Tipi Tent Hotel

Nowadays, the combination of outdoor camping and hotels has swept around the entire market. Everyone is going to love this different way of vacation. You don’t need to set up your own tents, but you can relax and feel nature like staying in a hotel, and enjoy the beautiful view.

The above project case is the combination of tipi tents and hotels. This outdoor resort was fully booked on the first weekend just one month after it was built. This retro-style TIPI tent comes with a canopy. One tent provides two activity spaces. It is protected by the main body of the tent indoors and covered by the canopy outdoors. You don’t have to worry about sudden changes in the weather, making camping more comfortable.

Inside the tent, it is not just an accommodation space, but also suitable for use as a small event space. In addition to an eight-seater camping table and chairs, the 42-square-meter indoor area can also accommodate storage cabinets, inflatable sofas, coffee tables, etc., and the space utilization rate is very high. Under the canopy at the entrance, a set of viewing tables and chairs and a barbecue stove can be placed, which can accommodate 8-12 people for a barbecue and picnic.

As a small event tent, each independent tent is like a hotel room, a place where you can focus on your own happiness without the disturbance of outsiders, and enjoy leisure time among friends. It is also because of the new concept of tipi tents and hotels that this outdoor resort is so popular. It must be more comfortable by enjoying the fun of camping in such an independent activity space.

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Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Tipi Glamping Tent

Tipi Glamping Tent elaborately selects the log wall and wooden structure, so that the shape of the entire tent resembles the skirt.

Huge Tipi Tent for Event

Huge tipi tent is suitable for various of outdoor events, such as big outdoor parties, wedding receptions for rental or sale.

Mini Tipi Tent for Camping

The Indian style Mini Tipi Tent consists of six solid wood as the main support. The shape adopts a pyramid structures design.