Two Story Glamping Dome

5th China International B&B Cultural Industry Expo provides the latest international B&B information for global travel enthusiasts. On the show, people can experience different glamping tents designed by top brands around the world, and our company’s newly designed two-story glamping dome is also displayed at this fair.

This exhibition is a lively extraordinarily. Compared with previous years, the exhibitors participating in the fair this year are remarkable, and many unique glamping tents are displayed. Among them, the most eye-catching one is the two-story glamping dome which designed and manufactured by our company. The unique and novel design has become the focus of the exhibition site.

Approaching the two-story glamping dome, the interior is a two-story layout. Considering the practical applications, the bottom layer of the wall is designed with fully transparent glass. It is equipped with a kitchen and living room function area; therefore, cooking and enjoying view can be carried out at the same time. A spiral staircase is designed to the second floor from the first floor, which can increase the space utilization. On the second floor, the layout of translucent tarpaulin, the bathroom, and washroom, also together with the luxurious interior decoration, contain the intention and meticulousness of our product design process.

5th China International B&B Cultural Industry Expo, everyone not only sees the novel and interesting hotel structures, for instance, two-story glamping dome series which designed by our company but also fully understand the special significance of glamping tent for travelers. The distinctive glamour of the glamping tent makes travel very simple.

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