Custom Design Your Own Glamping Tents


Custom Design Your Own Glamping Tents

Can the Glamping Tents be customized?

Glamping tents are all fabricated structure, all the components are prefabricated in the factory in advance, the components would be installed and constructed after arriving at the scene. This means that Glamping tents are completely customizable.

Can the Glamping Tents be customized

Appearance and Size can be customized

At present, our products include quadrangle, hexagon, double peak and multi-peak, Geodesic Dome tent, Mongolian yurt, Modular Box, space room, Indiana, Special-shaped structure, mixed structure, and other products. In addition, you can also customize the appearance of your favorite structure according to the size and characteristics of your site, investigating and judging ahead of time, also can consulting us to provide you with a unique Glamping tent.

The Function can be customized

In addition to being used for a campsite or scenic area accommodation, Glamping tents are not limited to accommodation.If you want to create a more complete camping Glamping tent, the additional functions of the Glamping tents should take into consideration, including the establishment of a one-stop Glamping tent for eating and drinking; the Glamping tents would be more complete for your usage requirement with restaurants, water bar, coffee shop, gym, convenience stores, and some public space.

Glamping Tents

Soft Outfit Style can be customized

Just like Home Decoration, according to the environment to determine the overall style of the Glamping tents, like Northern Europe, American, Simple Style, Modern or Foreign style. We can help you with the design sketch according to your presupposition and judgment, then custom the furniture and decoration. Moxuanju Glamping Tents have some basic optional accessories for purchasing like platform, furniture, appliance, lighting, bathroom, insulation system, flooring system, doors and windows, lining and curtains, etc.;

Moreover, some personalized customization is also acceptable, such as bedding, carpet, decorative painting, bedside lamp etc. which can be filtering customization based on your actual demands.

In short, the Glamping tent is a completely customizable product, from the appearance to the interior decoration style, we are committed to providing you with a distinctive and livable Glamping tent program.


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