Glamping Tent with Sports Resort


Glamping Tent with Sports Resort

Most people use our glamping tent only for the resort. In fact, we also involve play, sports, and shopping outside the camp, so as to provide more complete temporary buildings for the development of camps.

glamping tent for the resort

More and more resorts are beginning to put their minds on sports and entertainment. The archery hall has become a highlight. Indoor archery hall has high requirements for the area of the venue, including rest area, archery area, and target area. The length of the arrow path is 7M-15M, the width is 1.1M-1.5M, and the height of the entire arena shall not be less than 2.5M. That is to say, there are many requirements for area and functional area.

glamping tent for shooting hall

The glamping tent of Moxuanju is 3.3M high and the length is increased by 5M, which fully meets the basic requirements of archery halls. The shooting hall not only meets the requirements of the archery hall in terms of area but also is not inferior in terms of layout and decoration. The beautiful VIP floor is moisture-proof, durable, and sturdy, the glass wall has better lighting effects and a sense of transparency. The top curtain instantly softened the entire space.

shooting hall tent decoration

Yoga is also a popular sport. It not only enhances flexibility but also exercises willpower and relieves stress. It is a sport that regulates the body and mind. Although yoga has very low requirements for the venue, it has certain requirements for temperature. The most suitable temperature for yoga is 23-27 degrees, which is not suitable for too hot or cold.

outdoors yoga tent

Practicing yoga outdoors requires a suitable indoor venue, and Moxuanju’s glamping dome tent is the most suitable for a yoga room. However, the large viewing window allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window while practicing yoga, blending with nature. The indoor air conditioner can well adjust the appropriate temperature, which is helpful for practicing with peace of mind. The wall with sound insulation effect can make people calm down, listen to music, and concentrate.