How high are the walls on a glamping tent?


How high are the walls on a glamping tent?

The glamping tent is different from the conventional camping tent. Its design focuses on the comfort of stay and meets the needs of carry-on luggage. It is more like an outdoor luxury resort hotel.

The glamping tent usually uses aluminum alloy or wood as the overall frame and is built with fabric covers. The wall design can use glass walls, fabric walls, or sandwich panel walls to present different effects and give people a different living experience.

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Compared with conventional camping tents that are only about 1m in height, each of Moxuanju’s different luxury glamping tents has several specifications and sizes. For example, the wall height of the shell tent is about 2-4m, and the height of the Hawaiian tent, nomadic tent, and Indian tent is usually around 3M, the height of the recently popular TIPI tent is around 2m. No matter which luxury tent it is from Moxuanju, it can meet the needs of single, couples, or multi-person occupancy. It can also make living rooms, bathrooms, Bathrooms, etc., creating a comfortable suite.

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As a representative of outdoor hotels, glamping tent has significant advantages in terms of high side walls. It can adjust the height of the tent according to the floor space to achieve a more stable effect. Of course, we also take the occupancy experience into consideration when designing the wall height, pursuing a better sense of space, and making the interior space more relaxed and pleasant.

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