How to build a glamping tent platform?


How to build a glamping tent platform?

The dedicated platform for the MORE TENT glamping tent is suitable for setting up tents in mountains, forests, seaside, deserts and other places. In order to meet the needs of glamping tents in various geographical environments, MORE TENT platform system has played a key role. The combination of steel structure and anti-corrosion wood not only increases the service life of the platform, but also retains the outdoor elements to the greatest extent while ensuring the function, creating a platform system that is more suitable for tent resorts.

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MORE TENT uses the platform system to provide construction conditions and realize the novel experience of building a glamping tent on the water’s edge. Imagine living in a tent with the lake view right in front of you outside. Whether it is meditation or fishing, it is a good way to decompress.

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In the mountains and forests, our platform system not only provides a stable glamping tent platform, but also realizes the seemingly impossible, making the mountain camp a unique existence. Let people experience the feeling of being in the mountains and forests, and can feel the insects of all things, and the existence of mountains makes nature close at hand.

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The platform of the glamping tent is not just for creating a level surface, it is also designed to repel moisture, water and insects. In the outdoor environment, the grass can easily become wet, while the platform ensures the dryness and comfort of the accommodation environment, providing a cleaner and more comfortable space. In addition, our platform also provides an open-air balcony, which is a rare private area in outdoor camping to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea time.

MORE TENT platform system can be customized according to needs, such as circular, polygonal and other shapes, and the required specifications and sizes will be different in different environments. The combination of the platform and the glamping tent not only improves the aesthetics, but also prevents the tent from directly contacting the ground for a long time, reduces the possibility of mold, and at the same time ensures that the indoor activity area is clean and tidy.

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