Installation of Water and Electricity System in Glamping Tent


Installation of Water and Electricity System in Glamping Tent

With the improvement of living standards, people will enrich their vacation and leisure methods. The punch-and-shoot type of travel can’t alleviate the tense rhythm of urban life, and the outdoor wilderness experience that advocates “being natural” has become the “darling” of living in the new era.

While enjoying the beauty of nature, but you can also enjoy the convenience brought by modern life, which is the essence of wild luxury life. However, it is not easy to live outdoors. For example, connecting a hydropower station to a wild luxury glamping tent is a problem that requires professional knowledge to solve.

Generally speaking, as a whole form of tourist accommodation service, the glamping tent has to have a water and electricity connection layout design in the planning stage. This connection source can be municipal line access, and the owner can also self-organize the network within a small area.

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Although the construction of the glamping tent does not need to be used as a fixed building development to make relevant declarations, the design and construction of hydropower should also refer to the requirements of local relevant departments, as well as special industry standards such as local tourist attraction development or hotel accommodation industry construction requirements.

In order to facilitate operation and management, the existing glamping tents are basically single-story layout, which means that it is necessary to build a pipeline interface in advance at each tent camp area. When installing, according to the site planning and moving line design, the indoor strong and weak electricity and water and sewage design.

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Most of the glamping tents are located in the mountains, away from human habitats, or with wild animals such as cats and rats. Therefore, in the design of hydropower, we must fully consider the complex outdoor environment, take appropriate protective measures, and select the pipes that meet the standards. At the same time, multi-point supply should also carry out energy-saving and emission reduction design, and reduce energy consumption reasonably.

The Moxuanju glamping tent Series provides the perfect living architecture for the outdoor wilderness experience. For more information on the engineering solutions for outdoor assembly buildings, please call us.


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