5m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

Woods, seaside, sunset,
what a perfect place for camping.
Away from disturbance,
it is romantic even picturing it.
Slowly approaching,
to pick up a shell left by the sea.
Bath water is ready,
so are the rest of your holiday to enjoy.

  1. General Details

    With the rise of luxury holiday camps, there is an increasing demand for glamping tents. Because glamping tents have not been able to meet the needs in the design of shapes, so it is necessary to spend more time on interior decoration and layout. From the customer, perspective to meet the requirements of luxurious accommodation.

    The 5m Shell Shape Glamping Tent developed by us is the most unique scenery in the luxury camp. It has a space of 19.5 square meters. The single partition has become an L-shaped partition, which is not the only wide extension but also reserves more space for furniture to maximize the space in a limited area.

    The thermal insulation cotton inside the Shell Hotel is soft and warm which has the function of constant temperature to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. The location of the toilet seems to be smaller than before, but it is not. We changed the previous shower to the bathtub design. Soaking in the bath can relieve fatigue and help sleep. Closestool and washstand are also available, and the use of toilets will not be reduced due to space issues.

    A trip and a good accommodation experience are very important to them. This is one of the important factors in their sense of travel experience, and it is also one of the important reasons that directly affect the economic benefits of the scenic spot. MORE TENT focuses on luxury holiday glamping, providing integrated supporting facilities from the accommodation, entertainment, consumption, and play; we solve problems of quality and internal configuration.

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