Luxury Glamping Dome

Living in the geodesic dome camping, we live a minimalist lifestyle and get closer to nature. It makes the visitors experience comfort.

  1. General Details

    Half Dome Luxury Glamping Tent

    The cities fast-paced makes people become more and more impetuous. Everyone gradually starts to forget the original peace of mind. In fact, we should really relax the spiritual world. Let us take our luggage to find the process of life on the journey again.

    In addition to eating, drinking, and having fun along the way, a good place to stay is not only a place to spend the night but also a place where people live and a “destination” for people to travel.

    I think there is a very good saying, “The best is not necessarily suitable for their own, but suitable for their own must be the best”, just as there are all kinds of hotels, not necessarily the most expensive or the best, but can make people live comfortably is the most appropriate. Try to experience the luxury glamping dome tent, a luxury dome design that turns out to be more than just a form of the hotel.

    More Comfortable, Safe And Stable

    The spherical design of the luxury glamping dome tent is applicable to all kinds of environments. It is more comfortable, safe, and stable than other shaped structures because it is less prone to rainwater, snow accumulation, and water leakage.

    Moreover, the modular structure design of luxury glamping dome tent, using high-strength steel pipe (hot-dip double-sided galvanized) as the frame, effectively prevents oxidation and rust, is flexible and convenient, and can be disassembled and installed freely to facilitate the transportation of materials.

    More and more people began to use it as scenic tent resorts, garden view, outdoor leisure tourism hotel, leisure tourism specialty restaurants, and other purposes.

    The luxury glamping dome tent is combined with the beautiful suffocating scenery, and you will find that everything is so harmonious, just like being in the world described in Grimm’s fairy tale, let you forget the troubles of life at that moment.


    Diameter(m) Ceiling Feight(m) Floor Area(㎡) Volume(m³) Surface Area(㎡)
    5.6 3.35 24 58 62
    6 3.75 28.3 75 74
    8 4.75 50.2 168 124

    When designing the luxury glamping dome tent, in order to make the visitors enjoy the outdoor scenery, Moxuanju adopts the appearance design of translucent fabric or transparent glass. When the guests sit inside the glamping dome tent, they can capture the moment of beauty outside.

    The happiest thing is to forget the passage of time. When the last ray of sunset fades from the sky, the stars start to brighten the whole night sky. Of course, the beautiful scenery can’t be missed. The specially designed electric skylight inside the tent exactly fits this scene.

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