Geodesic Dome Hotel

In addition to being used in a single geodesic dome hotel, it can also be used in multiple tents to form a series of villas.

  1. General Details

    What kind of villa do you imagine? Like the old two-story small building? Or pavilions, summer resorts? Or traditional Western architecture? Now it is the age of the young building for geodesic dome hotel.

    Generally speaking, the villa mainly reflects the quality of life and the high-end residences except for the basic function of “residence”, such as the geodesic dome hotel.

    Light And Environmentally Friendly

    Small faint in wild, The Real City Hidden. It is a different way of enjoying life. From the height of the flats, the one-bedroom tents are built everywhere, and the different forms of the villas are said. Compared with traditional villas, the geodesic dome tent villas are light and environmentally friendly. The structure is simple and sturdy, and the loading and unloading are convenient and convenient. In addition to a single geodesic dome hotel. You can also form a series of villas in multiple tents. Expand the use of space.

    Short Construction Time

    In addition, traditional villas are usually built on flat land. If in a mountain forest or other non-flat areas, the construction will be greatly difficult and the construction time will be extended. However, the structure of the geodesic dome hotel is very to install. In a few days or from half a month to a few months, more than one Geodesic Dome Tent Villa can be built on the ground in the mountains, by the sea, or on the concrete. Once the construction is complete, you can stay right away without spending time ventilating the villa. And this is due to the environmentally friendly building materials we use.

    Someone likes to build a villa in the mountain forest; someone likes to build a small villa in the city. Whether in nature or in the city, enjoying the high-end quality of life, choose luxury glamping tents.

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