High Peak Glamping Tent

Use a glamping tent in a remote place for a better accommodation experience at a hotel

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    Use a glamping tent in a remote place for a better accommodation experience at a hotel

    Regular hotels are like supermarket chains, and you feel the same when you go to every hotel. But the High Peak Glamping Tent is different. In order to make hotel accommodation in remote areas, the Glamping Tent products we developed are all personalized, from the appearance to the interior decoration, which can be fully integrated into the local humanities environment. We can completely change the design and living experience of the product according to the local living environment so that the travelers have a more local accommodation experience.

    Share a customized High Peak Glamping Tent for long-term use at a local camping site. Among them, the 6*6 m wild luxury quadrilateral structure and the 7 meters diagonal wild hexagonal structure are all assembled tent structures, and the constructions are completed in less than 10 days. Inside these personalized tents, are equipped with independent facilities, luxurious beds, air conditioners, wooden floors, sofas, and other supporting facilities and furniture.

    In terms of living experience, High Peak Glamping Tent is no different from a five-star hotel, but with the Glamping Tent form, combined with the surrounding landscape, we can provide visitors with a more local and authentic travel experience. According to local characteristics. The glamping tent will also be equipped with wifi, catering, entertainment, and other ancillary services.

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