Luxury Pop Up Room

Liri Luxury Pop Up Room is a new design based on the original Modular Box hotel tent.

  1. General Details

    If you don’t want to live in an ordinary tent but want to be close to nature when going outdoors. Our new Luxury Pop Up Room can bring you the most special living experience. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery together at night.

    Liri Luxury Pop Up Room is a new design based on the modular glamping box. It can be into a natural terrace instantly and provide extra space platform for you even by adding an aluminum alloy frame and stairs above the Modular Box Structure. You can watch beautiful night scenes on the platform or hold party events on the platform. Through the stairs, the Modular Box Structure on the first floor can enter into the Modular Box Structure on the second floor, forming a unique two-story Modular Box Structure.

    Liri Luxury Pop Up Room is a strong and stable structure with a high-strength 6-series T6-state aluminum alloy profile. It is covered with an inflatable film tarpaulin. A variety of color choices, waterproof and windproof, heat insulation and sound insulation, convenient transportation. It is suitable for a variety of venue construction. You can use it for outdoor resort restaurants, mobile coffee houses, supermarkets, resort tent camping.

    Liri is willing to provide facilities for Luxury Pop Up Room, such as furniture systems, lighting systems, bathroom, table and chair floors, curtains, doors, etc. So it will be a perfect space for you,

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