Starry Glamping Igloo Dome Tent

Nowadays, Starry Geodesic Dome Tent has become the“internet celebrity hotel” exist in all the camps of major scenic spots.

  1. General Details

    Nowadays, starry glamping igloo dome tents have become the “internet celebrity hotel”. It not only solves the limitation of the comfortable living environment outside camping but also lets us feel a wide luxury life in nature.

    In the correction of a starry glamping igloo dome tent, the first thing to consider is that the appearance of the tent is novel and unique, which will make it easier to attract interest for tourists. Therefore, the design of the glamping dome has become an eye-catching attraction. And next must be tent safety, the overall net shell structure design will be more stable and in good compression. It has the function of insulation and energy saving in cold areas.

    It is worth mentioning the name of the starry glamping igloo dome tent because there is an open sky at the top. Guests can lie on the bed to admire the stars in the night sky. This is the perfect place to watch meteor showers and aurora. Also, the transparent PVC cover with semi-arc design in front of the bed does not only have good lighting, broad vision, but also a beautiful appearance. You can stay in a tent to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. It is a kind of leisure and enjoyment.

    The starry glamping igloo dome tent interior has a large use of space and can be freely decorated. We provide beds, bathrooms, wooden floors, chandeliers, leisure tables, and other accessories to create a comfortable holiday environment. The room is equipped with the appropriate ventilation to ensure internal air circulation, and give you a different experience.

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