Stars Dome Glamping Tent

Meet stars and milky way in the night,
while lying in bed.
Not fancy hotels that take my breath,
but the 50,000 stars that shine on me.
As beautiful as a dream,
I wish I could stay here all night.

  1. General Details

    Dome Glamping Under Stars

    As a popular product of Moxuanju glamping dome, stars dome glamping tent has been sold all over the world. The round design is unique and novel, more in line with the aesthetic concept of young people.

    Architecturally speaking, the geodesic dome structure is more comfortable, safe, stable than other shapes, and is also not easy to keep water or snow on the top or water leakage.

    Stars dome glamping tent is suitable for the various situation, such as a scenic tent camp, garden viewing, outdoor leisure travel hotels, leisure travel special restaurants and so on.

    Stars dome glamping tent is a modular building. This product is easy to transport materials, you can freely disassemble and install. The structure frame adopts high strength steel pipe of Q235 (surface hot-dip galvanizing), effectively prevents oxidation or rust.

    Standard dimensions

    Diameter dimension(5.6m, 6m, 8m)
    Ridge height dimension(3.35m,3.75m,4.75m)
    Floor area(24m², 28.3m², 50.2m²)
    Surface area(62m²,74m²,124m²)

    In order to help the customer get a suitable tent dimension, we can provide customized services with 3D drawings.

    If necessary, they will also arrange a technical engineer to go to the site for field inspection. In order to solve the outdoor uneven venue, it can provide scaffolding platforms for effective site adjustment to ensure turnkey service.

    Stars dome glamping tent appearance

    including plain white PVC fabric, translucent PVC fabric, transparent PVC fabric, and all glass. The customers can select or customize the different color of PVC fabric.

    Stars dome glamping tent interior

    the interior lining adopts warm cotton material because many ventilation windows are designed around the geodesic tent to ensure the air circulation inside while. there was a skylight on the top roof, you can sleep in bed with your loved ones and enjoy the stars in the night sky. In addition, the interior decoration of the stars dome glamping tent can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

    It can match a variety of accessories such as furniture, home appliances, bedding, lighting, bathroom, carpet, luxury curtains, electric sunroof, Experience different hotel tents.

    Floor Plan

    Dome Glamping Tents

    Diameter ( m ) Ceiling Height ( m ) Area ( m² ) Volume ( m³ ) Cover Area ( m2 )
    5.6 3.35 24 58 62
    6 3.75 28.3 75 74
    8 4.75 50.2 168 124

    Accessories List

    Platform Structure: Steel and wood structure
    Cover System: 750-900g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textile.
    Structure Material: Steel Q235(Hot-dip, galvanized, white color)
    Cover Color: White, and yellow, beige, black, silver-gray
    Optional Accessories: Furniture, household appliances, lighting, bathroom, composite floor, lining, curtain, glass door, etc.
    Uses: Glamping campsite, folk accommodation, parks and gardens, outdoor leisure and recreation, etc.

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