Glamping Tents Mix Nature with Comfort


Glamping Tents Mix Nature with Comfort

The first major camping craze occurred in the 1990s. And now that the children of those days have grown up, the market trend is once again pointing to the outdoors, and the camping craze is sweeping across the country like a blazing fire. Camping will become the mainstream lifestyle for families, young people during their leisure time. In recent years, outdoor music festivals, online short videos, and urban camping festivals have driven the vigorous development of the camping craze.

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People like to experience things that are different from daily life when camping. In the campsite, you can fully enjoy the beauty and diversity of the natural environment, and also participate in outdoor activities such as cooking, gatherings, and nature classes, which are popular among people. There has also been an increase in different forms of camping in recent years, such as luxury camping, where people live in large luxury tents or mobile cabins for a hotel-style experience.

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In the past few years, the number of young female campers has also increased, thanks to more humane camping sites and exploration and pursuit of nature. These campsites are equipped with sanitary facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as flat floors and equipment for rent. The accommodation conditions of tents are completely comparable to hotels or homestays.

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At the same time, the popularity of solo camping is rapidly increasing. Part of the reason is due to the personal influence of camping bloggers, who have unique insights into camping and have attracted many young people and retirees who pursue freedom to participate in wonderful outdoor activities. Campsites have also begun to provide single person dedicated facilities for solo campers.

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Camping bloggers can create short videos of their camping experiences and post them on social media, which can have a positive impact on promoting and popularizing solo camping. A lone camper tells us that the charm of camping alone lies in camping in one’s own way, relaxing oneself in nature, and enjoying solitude.

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Everyone has different preferences in terms of equipment and food. Some people like to use small kitchen utensils to cook ingredients, while others like to decorate their tents with fashionable decorations to look better. Some solo campers like to carry the most streamlined equipment and board small motorcycles, so as not to overload the small engines designed specifically for short distances. Some coffee loving campers will talk about the joys of cooking and tasting coffee in the great outdoors

The true joy of camping lies in enjoying camping freely in one’s own way. When a person travels, they can spend his time freely and focus on his favorite things

MORE TENT redefines the quality and fun of outdoor camping, providing you with a camping experience that is close to nature and comfortable to enjoy. Our carefully designed glamping tent is to allow you to breathe freely in the lush greenery and embark on a unique journey of getting close to nature and relaxing your mind.

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