How to Get a Bathroom in a Glamping Tent


How to Get a Bathroom in a Glamping Tent

Many tourists will be curious about how the outdoor glamping tent solves the need for the bathroom. For outdoor accommodation, the bathroom is very important.

As a glamping tent that moves the star hotel experience to nature, Moxuanju could provide the glamping tent customization service. You can divide the bathroom customization into two types, the whole bathroom, and the split bathroom.

Integrated bathroom

In general, the glamping tents more than 30 square meters, we will recommend the integrated bathroom for customers. On one hand, the integrated bathroom is more beautiful which could be unified with other decorations. On the other hand, the integrated bathroom is fully functional and convenient with facilities such as sink and mirror.

Integrated bathroom

Separated Bathroom

However, for some small glamping tent, it will be very difficult to install the bathroom inside, and complicated factors are to be considered. In order to avoid the poor living experience brought by the narrow space, we will recommend the customer to install the separated bathroom. The separated bathroom is also a good choice since it is small and convenient for relocation.

How to Get a Bathroom in a Glamping Tent

There is also a third option

By taking advantage of the modular building structure, the overlapping connection is made on the original basis to expand the space, so that the integrated toilet can be made.

In a word, don’t think of the bathroom of the outdoor mobile hotel as so complicated. Even in a complex outdoor environment, Moxuanju can easily solve your bathroom system problems. Plan the most suitable plan according to the actual situation of the site.


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