Could we Build up a Glamping Tent in the Cold Area


Could we Build up a Glamping Tent in the Cold Area

Recently, my friend and I are very fond of investing in a piece of land in the north. We plan to rent it down and build a camping area or a leisure resort. But the problem is that the local area will be snowy all around whenever the winter comes. Could we build up the tent in such a cold area?

When you feel confused about this issue, Zhuhai Moxuanju will provide you with an effective solution. There are two important issues to be solved if you want to build a snow mountain tent in a cold area.

First: the tent hotel’s anti-snow and wind resistance problems, which are also the problems of the hotel tent structure.

Second: the problem of insulation and heating of the hotel tent.

For the first problem, the anti-snow ability of our glamping tents structure can compare with fixed buildings, and wind resistance can reach 120km/h. If there is heavy weather, we can adopt measures like reinforcement or artificial snow removal. If you encounter extreme weather, we can dismantle the hotel tent first and then re-assemble after the weather.

Could we Build up a Glamping Tent in the Cold Area

For the second problem, we have an effective solution to deal with. First of all, we have an insulation layer for our hotel tents. For example, there are totally four layers for our membrane structure hotel tent, from the outermost film plus the second insulation layer plus the third insulation layer, and the ceiling. So the insulation effect is quite good. In addition, we can make vacuum double-layer glass wall and grain color wood sandwich wall. What is more, you can add the flooring heating system to the floor of all hotel tents, and you can use the heating equipment whenever you need. So there is no worry about the insulation and heating issue.

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From the very first beginning, as tent manufacturers, we have already taken into account various factors that our customers might worry about when developing products, ensuring a comfortable and secure place for guests.


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