What is the Best Size for the Outdoor Glamping Tent?


What is the Best Size for the Outdoor Glamping Tent?

Different from Camping Tent, to provide an unforgettable and luxury camping experience, the Outdoor Tent Glamping combines camping and luxury hotel features together.

While enjoying the camping holidays, there is no necessity for you to bring a sleeping bag and camping tent even no need to squeeze in a 100cm width camping tent.

Campsite Dome oom

This photo shows our glamping dome tent

The reason they called Tent Hotel as Hotel is they own the hotel-like accommodation experience. Glamping tents are similar in size to traditional hotels, which normally is 20sqmto 80sqm. Glamping tents have a comfortable wood floor, with hotel equipment like double bedroom inside, Sofa, toilet, and bathroom etc. Depending on the different models, the interior height of the Tent Hotel can be at least 2.2 meters.

No pole inside the tent that you can design the space by yourself. The size of the Glamping tent is also related to the functionality which needs to be done, like joining separate restroom, kitchen, etc, which also will increase the size of the entire glamping tent.

Hotel tent for sale

We have developed numerous different sizes of glamping tent products. No matter what size of the resorts, we always have a suitable glamping tent for your choice. Because of the modular structure design, you can also have a customized size for your Tent Hotel. Welcome to contact us to obtain more information about glamping tent specification and size.


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