Top 3 Types of Glamping Tent for 2020


Top 3 Types of Glamping Tent for 2020

Discover the best types of camping & luxury vacations

Generally, it is suitable and comfortable to have 5 sqm space of a glamping tent. However, luxury glamping tent has more standards for living space. More facilities and spaces inside are needed for a unique living experience. 20 to 80 sqm is a suitable dimension. Check these four popular glamping tents below please:

Geodesic dome glamping has a special design and a good view. Inner space is good and different sizes for option from 6m to 8m diameter. Inside space area from 28 to 50 sqm with a bathroom. No matter space for big beds or double single beds or family suite, all can be satisfied.

Top 3 Types of Glamping Tent for 2020

Shell shape glamping tent is an exploration of nature and pursuit of life. A combination of bionics and architectural elegance. Every specification of shell tent from small to big shell all have completed supporting facilities. Any size as an option for you from 20 to 50 sqm.

Discover the best types of camping & luxury vacations

Multi Peak Safari Tent has a brilliant good view and versatile model and luxurious living experience. It’s suitable for a big family suite from 70 to 200 sqm. Custom size is absolutely available.

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Glamping tents of MOXUANJU have not only characteristic designs, but also are designed due to good experiences. It is totally no problem if you have any requirements for internal space customization. If you have any demands about glamping tents, please free to contact us. We will recommend suitable solutions of glamping tents to you.


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