Panorama Dome Glamping

The panorama dome of Moxuanju has won the favor of many camping sites since its inception, It is an all-wooden keel structure design with natural elements that make cozy atmosphere. The wooden main body is integrated with the fabric cover, giving it a natural feel whether viewed from the outside or inside.

The panorama dome is a design with semicircular shape. The exquisite appearance is more suitable for outdoor use. The fragrance of earth and grass can make the Panorama tent more vital. It is especially suitable for the lush mountains and wild places. The feeling of warmth and romance does not require too much. It creates a wonderful scenery in itself.

The design of the panorama dome breaks through the concept of traditional hotel tents. The multi-angle PVC transparent viewing window is very flexible in design and can be customized with different landscape orientations and areas according to demands, and is equipped with sunshade roller blinds. When enjoying the scenery, you can open the roller blinds and feel as if you are in a sunroom, which is fully cozy. At night, the roller blinds can be pulled down to form a private space, like a small world where you can live in seclusion.

The panorama dome has a single zippered door that can effectively prevent mosquitoes at night. The oversized private terrace can not only prevent outdoor small animals from entering but also prevent the intrusion of rainwater. The spacious terrace space allows you to enjoy the moment while ensuring safety.

The panorama dome is 5 meters in diameter, which is enough for a luxury camping experience. Carefully selected furniture and textured wooden floors can be combined to create a complete living configuration. In order to meet the temperature requirements in outdoor environments, you can choose our insulation layer to maintain a constant indoor temperature. Of course, a stove can also be installed to meet heating needs.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Hexadome Tent

Hexadome tent is a new type of tent designed by Moxuanju. It combines open and closed forms. Different styles can be customized.

Crystal Dome House

We provide two designs of round shape and round waist shape. Crystal dome house is various specifications and sizes from 2m to 6m.

Half Dome Glamping

Characteristic and luxurious glamping tents have been popular on holiday in recent years.