Snow Mountain Glamping Tent

Snow Mountain Glamping Tent Introduce

Tent for the hotel is getting popular, which has lowered the building costs and difficulties of building a hotel. What’s more, Snow Mountain’s glamping tent can offer a nice experience as a star hotel.

Case: Moxuanju built Snow Mountain Glamping Tent for a scenic camp in Sichuan

Low Cost, Short installation time

As a prefabricated type of building. If you use our glamping tent, you can be free from land-use restrictions and do not require special foundation treatment. Greatly reduced our construction cost and difficulty, and does not destroy the landform environment during the construction process. The materials needed to build the snow mountain glamping tent are steel components, aluminum alloys, PVC waterproof tarpaulins, glass walls, etc. We will pre-manufacture at the factory, then process and transport it to the site for direct installation. Based on the structure and local geography, small and medium-sized projects do not require large equipment cranes to assist in the construction, usually within a few days to complete the construction.

“close to nature, integrate into nature”

Traditional hotels are racking their brains to make interior decorations to reflect brand differentiation. The glamping tent has already done by its appearance. Outdoor special terrain such as mountains, rivers, and grasslands is difficult for traditional hotel construction. But for snow mountain glamping tent, this is a natural advantage of modular building structures. We can build quickly on any terrain, and it can have a good combination with the local natural scenery. Truly achieves the design concept of being close to nature and integrating with nature.

Featured B&B / Hot Restaurant / Coffee Shop

Snow mountain glamping tent, in addition, to be used for the featured B&B and inn in the scenic camp, also has a good performance in the glamping restaurant, and it also promotes the popularity and consumption of the local scenic spot. Internet star Restaurant is not only in the bustling area of the city center. If the high-priced goods in the scenic spot can be accompanied by better service and experience, it should be a more value-for-money experience for consumers. Well, many mature tourist attractions at home and abroad have already worked hard in this area. Dining and chatting in special restaurants surrounded by beautiful scenery may be one of the few unforgettable experiences in life, which is exactly what glamping tents can offer to tourists.

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