How to create a glamping site?


How to create a glamping site?

Glamping is an emerging camping method, which combines the elements of outdoor camping and glamping, bringing people a new travel experience. how to create a glamping site requires consideration of the following:

Tent size

Choosing a tent with a larger area can provide more spacious space and increase the comfort of guests. Depending on the number of guests, tents of different sizes can be chosen. Generally speaking, the area of single-person tents is 8-15 square meters, the area of double-person tents is 20-30 square meters, and the area of multi-person tents needs to be determined according to the number of guests.


Tents should have good water resistance to ensure the comfort and safety of guests’ stay. Generally speaking, the waterproof performance of tents needs to reach more than 3000 mm to meet the needs of tent hotels. At the same time, the gaps in the tent need to be sealed to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the tent.

Air permeability

The inside of the tent should have good air permeability, which can avoid a humid and airtight environment and improve the comfort of guests. Generally speaking, the air permeability of the tent needs to reach more than 5000g/m2/24h, so as to ensure the ventilation and comfort inside the tent.


Choose a tent with strong durability, which can reduce maintenance costs and replacement costs. Both the material and structure of the tent need to have sufficient strength and stability to cope with different climates and environments. Generally speaking, the service life of tents needs to be more than 5-8 years to meet the needs of tent hotels.

Tents suitable for a glamping site are:

Lodge Tent

This kind of tent has a stable structure and a large internal space, which can provide a comfortable accommodation environment. Its glass wall structure allows the interior of the tent to be filled with light while allowing good ventilation.

Lodge Tent

Safari Tents

This kind of tent is simple in structure, easy to build, and has good waterproof and air permeability. Its high peak roof can make the interior space of the tent more spacious, suitable for single or double tent hotel.

Safari Tents

Panorama Dome Tent

This kind of tent has a stable structure, strong wind resistance, and large internal space, making it suitable for large tent hotels. Its polygon structure can make the interior space of the tent more spacious, and can provide good ventilation performance at the same time.

Panorama Dome Tent

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