MoxuanJu 2023 annual summary


MoxuanJu 2023 annual summary

From 2023 to 2024, MoxuanJu Glamping Tent constantly innovates and breaks through, transitioning from the urban landscape to rural mountains and fields to promote a more natural way of life.


To avoid the market becoming too uniform, we plan to introduce several innovative camping tents. We have developed various tent designs for different purposes, including hotels, events, dining, and more.


The Indian Glamping Tent, created by MoxuanJu Glamping Tent, is known for its aesthetic design and the ability to connect with other tents to expand the available space. The shape is inspired by the architecture of the Indian indigenous people, blending the beauty of national culture and modern art. It can be used as a large space for camp dinners, parties, shops, and other purposes.

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Helping you achieve a more stylish outdoor camping experience, allowing your adventurous spirit to roam free.

The TIPI tent is a series of products from MoxuanJu Glamping Tent, consisting of 9 different basic models. TP28/7 represents the attitude of freedom. The simple material has an amazing shape. Whether it’s the panoramic transparent viewing window or the canopy design, the goal is to get closer to nature.

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The Bamboo TIPI Tent has been upgraded from the original version. It includes a detachable transparent PVC curtain with a zipper and a white multifunctional anti-mosquito screen, which can be adjusted into three different forms to create a glamping tent suitable for year-round use.

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Stretch Tents are made of 450-950KG fabric with double-sided PU coating, providing wind and sun protection, and strong tension and ductility. It can be transformed into various shapes, suitable for birthday parties, family gatherings, romantic dinners, corporate team building, outdoor dining, outdoor bars, and other uses.

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We use a unique tent design to create a distinctive wild luxury camp, serving as a new way to introduce ourselves to everyone and provide an exquisite wild luxury camping experience.

Luoping, Yunnan Province

Experience the perfect combination of luxury and nature with our range of glamping tents. Enjoy a unique camping experience like never before.

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Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

The TIPI Tent utilizes cedarwood and sand-colored fabric to create a distinctive, natural space, giving it an original feel.

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Lishui, Zhejiang Province

The Indian tent design is unique, bringing luxury hotel decoration to the tent, creating a blend of luxury, nature, and life. This allows for a real experience of “wild luxury” camping.

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Yidu, Hubei Province

This is a place where you can find a selection of luxurious tents. You can choose your favorite tent, unwind in the natural surroundings near the mountains and rivers, and restore your body’s balance with nature.

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Chaoyang, Beijing

The Indian tents, with their unique styling and design, create a product that surprises people in the vast outdoor space with their exotically themed scenery.

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Anji, Zhejiang Province

MoxuanJu’s special scaffold platforms can meet construction needs in various geographical environments, making it possible for any location to be turned into a camping site.

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Inner Mongolia · Alxa

No matter how harsh the outdoor environment may be, MoxuanJu’s tents are designed to be stable, safe, and comfortable. This way, you can experience true “wild luxury” and enjoy the beauty of the desert.

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Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

MoxuanJu’s glamping tents can withstand temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, and the floor heating and air conditioning work in unison to provide indoor heating. You can not only enjoy the snowy scenery but also experience the romance of a fairy tale world in the snow.

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The use of glamping tents goes beyond simple accommodation; the potential for commercial activities is remarkable. It brings distinctive themes to life, making it the perfect match for both retro and modern styles.

The outdoor environment is well-suited for TIPI tents. In the desert, TIPI tents feel right at home, and each model serves its purpose. Even in harsh environments, you can enjoy a comfortable space.

Glamping tents designed for outdoor activities allow you to experience the enjoyment of the outdoors. It has a wide range of applications, whether it’s to adapt to the environment or to meet space requirements.

The outdoor car show has its own characteristics

The wild tipi tent complements the ‘off-road’ theme, adding a unique and stunning touch to the entire campsite.

Not just a campsite

MoxuanJut’s outdoor products are also suitable for city use. The bamboo TIPI tent presents a beautiful contrast in an urban setting.

The various glamping products from MoxuanJu Glamping Tent are used in different brand activities, each showcasing unique styles and serving different roles to create distinct atmospheres for each activity.

The year 2023 of MoxuanJu Glamping Tent is exciting and fulfilling. Innovation and creativity were the keywords of the year. In 2024, we will start again. We can continue to move forward in the river of the future, cherish every moment, constantly push ourselves, and write a brilliant chapter.