Winter Glamping in Panorama Tent

Winter glamping has always been a headache for various campsites. Even with a tent windproof, one may still feel discomfort caused by the cold. To overcome the challenges of winter camping, Panorama tents are the ideal luxury glamping solution for winter. It has strong resistance to wind and snow loads and has outstanding advantages in harsh climates.

Compared to regular tents, Panorama tents perform well in the face of hurricanes and heavy snow. The fabric we adopt is double PVC coated polyester, which can effectively isolate cold air from entering and provide a better insulation effect. At the same time, it is also equipped with a large viewing window, allowing you to enjoy the snow up close while maintaining indoor warmth and comfort. In addition, the indoor space of the Panorama tent is 2.5 times that of a regular tent, providing a more spacious and comfortable living environment.

In order to provide a more suitable indoor space, Panorama tents come in three different sizes: 5×7, 5×10, and 5×13 meters. The interior design of the Panorama tent is exquisite, and the wooden flooring enhances the overall sense of luxury. It is equipped with underfloor heating, stove, and air conditioning, which can maintain safety and warmth even when the outside is cold and harsh. Home appliances and solid wood furniture are readily available, showcasing the strength of luxury glamping tents. The overall indoor appearance is perfectly integrated with the tent.

The glamping tent is equipped with solar exhaust fans, breathable ears, and screen windows to ensure indoor air circulation, provide a relaxed and comfortable breathing environment, and create a comfortable space. This campsite upgrade not only solves the problem of cold winter camping, but also provides a brand new experience, injecting new vitality into the campsite that originally faced various difficulties in winter, and achieving all-weather and all-season camping freedom.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Crystal Dome House

We provide two designs of round shape and round waist shape. Crystal dome house is various specifications and sizes from 2m to 6m.

Stars Dome Glamping Tent

Meet stars and milky way in the night,
while lying in bed.
Not fancy hotels that take my breath,
but the 50,000 stars that shine on me.
As beautiful as a dream,
I wish I could stay here all night.

Hot Balloon Glamping Tent

Hot balloon glamping tent is a new patent product independently developed by Moxuanju. It has generation one and generation two products for your choice. Creating a double-deck LOFT house style, the ground floor is kitchen, the first floor is bedroom. The two-story extent the space utilization rate. Meet the needs of integration of life and leisure, and improve the quality of outdoor living.