Best Glamping Tent Manufacturers


Best Glamping Tent Manufacturers

In foreign countries, the tent hotel has been more and more mature; but in China, the tent hotel is still in its initial stage. As a non-popular product, there are a few domestic professional manufacturers supplying hotel tents, and some are still immature in terms of technology. So best glamping tent manufacturers?

Moxuanju is a brand of Liri Tent:

which is a hotel tent manufacturer created by Liri Tent for the specialized production management of camp tents, including turnkey service: product design, production, transportation, installation, and after-sales.

Moxuanju is a brand of Liri Tent

Focus on team personalization solutions:

Liri Tent is a large manufacturer specializing in the tent industry for more than 20 years. Moxuanju inherits the professional skills and rich experience of Liri Tent and concentrates on providing a variety of hotel tent options for various scenic spots and camp hotels. Our professional technicians can design the hotel tents with quality and safety, reasonable internal structure and unique shape according to your plan and requirements, combined with the hotel’s external environment and geographical factors. We can also provide you with a personal customized service.

Focus on team personalization solutions

A variety of hotel tent type options:

We have a variety of mature hotel tent option, and the most popular one is the geodesic dome star tent. The elegant exterior, comfortable interior furniture, bathroom, air conditioning and ventilation, and personalized service allow guests to enjoy the comfortable interior of the geodesic dome tent while enjoying the view from the outside.

Successful cases of many scenic camp hotel tents:

As a domestic hotel manufacturer with professional facilities, Moxuanju tells us the achievements of many successful cases.

including the tent hotel in Chuanjing District,

tent hotel restaurant in Inner Mongolia,

geodesic dome tent in Beijing camp, etc.

Still struggling in finding the best hotel tent manufacturer in China? From the brand awareness, experience, and product type, Moxuanju is your ideal partner.


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